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Onida Mobile Phones prices, Onida Mobile Phones features, Onida Mobile cost

Onida mobile Price in India

Today’s latest models and updated prices of Onida mobile phones are listed below. THEY ARE - Onida V105 costs Rs.2, 500, Onida G470 whose price is Rs.2964, Onida G550 costs Rs.3, 264, Onida G480 costs Rest.3,446, Onida G630 costs Rs.3499 and Onida F950 costs Rs.3,981.

Onida mobile phones – features and comparisons: All Onida mobile phone models come with chargers and battery but only few models like G630 come with memory card and hands free. Onida G480 alone has unique feature of Java Enabled and Internet access is there in Onida G470 and G480. Games are available in all the Onida mobile phone models except Onida 550. Visual Radio is available in the basic Onida mobile phone model V105.

Onida mobile phone model numbers G470, G480 AND G630 comes with the feature voice recorder. These are some of the salient features of latest Onida mobile phones. Onida G550 has the special feature of dual sim. 470, 480 and 630 comes with MicroSD card type. G550 and G630 have VGA camera. Alarm, Calendar, FM Radio, GPRS, Wap and Audio Player are available in G470, G480 and G630.

Where to buy Onida Mobile Phones: Since Onida mobile phones are reasonable and affordable most of the mobile phone stores are selling these products of Onida these days. Apart from that, you can get the best deal of Onida mobile phones from dealers of Onida in India.

To get more information on Onida mobile phones visit Onida mobile phone official site http://beta.onida.com/mobile.html


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i want to know the price and feathers of chepest onida dual sim mobile, plz also clare me that , when we are talking on one number, at the same time call is coming on the second number, then what will happen, it will show not reachble or call waiting
Posted by amit sharma
this is soo g=boring there should be pictures of mobile phone with pries not this type of boring.
Posted by suryakant
it is very goood...............??????????
Posted by bittu
Onida KY
Introducing the Onida KY Thunder phone that gives big sound with perfect clarity every time you hear music or make a call. 14/12/09
Posted by hajara
Onida mobile prices in India
Onida mobile prices in India are targeted at low end income group. Onida mobile prices in India are among the lowest in the market compared to prices of other mobile phones in India
Posted by Rani