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Olive Pad VT100, first 3.5G Android PC in India, not to be exported to US

The first indigenous 3G tablet was launched in India last month OlivePad VT 100 was most awaited technology in the country. Widely claimed to have striking and all frills attached features fell flat in the market, as the spectators found it too expensive and rugged amidst all glamorous and showy international table PC globally launched all this time. The recent report showed that the PC is though unrefined, is to hit Europe soon but might not be exported to US so soon.

Although, Olive Pad VT100 android PC has so called modest features and less of glam but incidentally cost less if compared to the rest of the market players. It will always consider as a major breakthrough in Indian technology even if it is a reasonably modest version. The Pc tablet belongs to Olive telecom as has 7 inch panel and powered by Android 2.2 FroYo operating system, has 512MB internal RAM and can be expanded to 32GB by a MicroSD card.

India’s first 3.5G Android PC features dual camera as well one in the front and the rear with 3 mega pixel in the front and a VGA behind, so one could expect to do video chat hence. The processor was chosen very intelligently for PC tablet like this, which is Qualcomm MSM7227, although needs little polishing to touch the international benchmark.

Features in Olive PC tablet like display needs little work, so that it could output a higher resolution and issues like dullness and the visible pink tint need to be rectified. Definitely some requirements are there a better designed touch UI and a better capacitive display can make it run a long way. Not only it is ready for reading e-books and browsing the Web only, it can also works as portable video/movie player.

The battery is much criticized part so far as it lasted for 45 minutes in normal to heavy usage only when tested. So taking into account all these flaws in the gadget the generalized viewpoint of being OlivePad VT-100 value for money could be revised. The PC tablet is retailing at Rs25k, which is bit too costly as of now.


Olive Pad VT100, first 3.5G Android PC in India, not to be exported to
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