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Notion Ink set to bring revolution with Adam Tablet PC

Notion Ink, a company started by three 24 years old students in Hyderabad and all three of them from selected Universities of India. They are all set to launch their first innovative and extra-ordinary product named as “Adam’s PC Tablet”, which has already invoked the technological hubs throughout the world.

Notion Ink Is the first company which has given an applaudable competition to Apple Inc as it is the most dominated Techno giant in the current market. Notion Ink has revealed their latest paradigm tablet ‘Adam’ at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Notion Ink is the only company who has started Pixel Qi screens for Tablet technology and comparing with iPad's 9.7-inch IPS LCD with 4:3 aspect ratios, this Tablet has a touch screen of 10 inches with a high definition of 1024 x 600. This Pixel Qi will helps in turning off the back light as a result its battery life will be conserved. Its battery life is considered to be the double as that of Apple iPad.

Adam PC Tablet has one of the most remarkable specifications which comes with multiple Operating System Support- Android, Ubunty and Chromium whereas Apple has iPhone OS 3.2 which they run on the iPad.

Notion Ink will start selling this tablet in the US market from July this year. Adam Tablet PC is featured with 10 inch transflective LCD, 180 degree 3.2 Megapixel Swivel Camera, Dual-Core ARM CORTEX -A9 MPCORE Processor, Full High Definition Multimedia, Longer Battery Life, Dual Display, EBook Client, 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity and Multi-touch Support.

Adam Tablet PC has a very stylish look particularly when it is seen in the sunligh. Adam device also supports almost all the formats of eBooks which is a benefit for the readers as they can read with the full comfort even in bright light.

Adam Tablet is designed in India but will not be actually built here as they are planning to move to Taiwan and do the same there. Adam’s estimated cost will be around 325$ in US as compared to iPad, which starts itself at 499$ and this will be one of the best option for them to make a strong place in the market.

Now people are wondering it’s a very impressive device with extra-ordinary features but cheaper then iPad, so they want to be more careful before making a decision to buy this PC Tablet. We will have to wait for the market response till July when it will be completely launched.


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adam pc..it will give a lot of competition to Apple and Samsung Tablets
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