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Notion Ink Adam Tablet runs on Eden equivalent to Android 3.0

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Notion Ink as we all know runs on Eden but man may not know what is Eden. Is it a specific Operating system, a part of Android or what? Eden on which Adam Tablet of Notion Ink would run is nothing but a customized version of Android 2.2 and it is imitating almost everything that Google is doing for Android 3.0. Thus it can be said that Adam tablet who many have said would be an iPad killer is way ahead of its times.

Right from its inception the Notion Ink is making a lot of news be it the delay in shipping or that it was hugely appreciated in the CES 2011 and that it might put apple iPad out of business. This Indian company ‘Notion Ink’ of three key people is challenging Apple but it has had its own share of troubles.

The tablet was to be shipped in parts to the different parts of the world but it seems that the US and Europe has to wait longer what with the tablet named Adam waiting Cs and FCC approval.

The specifications of the much talked about tablet Adam are quite fascinating. As we already know it has Eden as its OS which is as good as Android 3.0. If a user would want to download Android then it would be difficult because this tablet doesn’t support Android market. However if the app in question has a APK file then the user can easily download and install the app in the tablet.

Along with Adam Notion Ink is also launching Genesis app store for the users. The app which can’t be downloaded from the android market is easily available here for the Adam users. Another positive point which this tablet guarantees is that it is stable and has fantastic speed.

Notion Ink was started by Rohan Shravan an IITan from KGP, the top technical institute of India. He started this PC Company in partnership with nVidia and Pixel Qi. Apart from the amazing features like Dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, Transflective display, 185 degree swivel camera, Full HD 1080 HDMI output, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and GPRS, SD, USB + mini USB connectivity and Adobe AIR + Flash this device is also named as the Ipad killer.

The users are waiting for the launch of the first Indian tablet which is making news overseas even before its release.

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