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Nokia to promote MeeGo OS at European conference

Nokia Corp. is said to promote MeeGo operating system this week at a number of conferences which are going to be held in Europe this week. The conference held by the mobile brand Nokia is targeted at the application developers.

The Nokia company is trying really hard to get the score right in the share market where the other competitors comprises of Apple’s iPhone and Google who have almost removed Nokia into one corner in the business of smartphones. The Finnish Company is trying hard to get back it place in the market for quite sometime so that it can change its scenario of its shares in the market.

Consumers have been seen testing the smartphones by Nokia in places like Helsinki, Finland might help in altering the share market structure of Nokia. Though the success rate of Nokia is very gradual there has been a rapid growth by Google whose Android platform is at the moment become the world second largest smartphone OS within a span of just two years. Google has inserted a question in the media world asking Nokia that if it can get rid off the independent platform and join Android party.

Nokia is a much popular Company, bigger tycoons who have seen Nokia grow assumes that Nokia could have gone far if it had changed from the fact of being too independent. According to Hakim Kriout who is a New York-based portfolio manager at Grigsby & Associates Inc. holding Nokia shares said, “Android probably looks like what Nokia could have put out and should have put out a long time ago."  The adoption of Android by Nokia is still possible if Nokia can get over the over powering concept of MeeGo and Symbian OS.

Stand alone strategy of Nokia still makes Nokia compete with the highest of the competitors with increasingly powerful Google and Apple. The rise in wanting a Smartphone has forced the mobile makers to compare their products and also generate profits which depend on the software that is used as the platform of the product.


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by nature nokia company will find ways to get the limelight back from them. if this meego os would surpass other os from other mobile companies, nokia might get what they desire.
Posted by mhey
Nokia to promote MeeGo OS at European conference
Nokia indeed is trying hard to stay in tis smartphone gamble indeed this is very imp.
Posted by Arps