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Nokia phone cycle charger for launch in India in March

Nokia phone cycle charger price in India

Nokia phone cycle charger which was featured by the Finnish company last year is at sale in UK at £25. Now, the pedaled power device is soon to be launched in India latest by March according to the reports, however any official clarification or announcement is yet to be given.

So, if you need your phone to not lose power while you are riding your bicycle through the outskirts of the city on an Autumn Sunday morning, this is a right device for you. However, considering the fact that the charger is almost same the cost of the average Indian wage earner’s bicycle, the sales in India for this Nokia eco-friendly gadget is yet undecided. Let’s see how the Nokia Bike powered phone charger actually functions.

This Nokia bicycle powered phone charger taps all your energy that is, your kinetic energy into charging your phone, by going around your own bike’s wheel.

Depending upon your phone and the battery type this eco-friendly Nokia cycle phone charger claims 28 minutes of talk-time for 10 minutes of sustained pedaling. Considering that you are required to go faster than 6 kmph, and at 12 kmph, the dynamo will charge just as efficiently as a normal plug-in charger.

The Nokia cycle phone charger transfer its power through 2mm jack, also one can anytime buy any Nokia’s own adapter, and make it work with any micro-USB model.

Originally, Nokia showcased this Bicycle phone charger at Kenya at affordable €15 price, since then, due to bit of price inflation and other economic conditions supposedly Nokia raised its price to €30 price, but in such a scenario one can only hope that they launch the charger at much lower rate in developing countries including India to increase sales.