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Nokia X7 expected soon in Indian market

Nokia X7 mobile price in India

Nokia a pioneer in the growth of cellular technology in India, with the first-ever cellular launched a decade ago has come up with its new smartphone Nokia X7. The phone is expected to launch soon in India after its launch in UK recently. Price for Nokia X7 has not been declared yet.

Nokia X7 comes with a HD gaming & music experience making it a big screen entertainment phone. Fully integrated with E-mail, social networking with live Facebook and Twitter feeds 24/7 to keep you constantly up to date. Three customizable home screens to access even more of your favorite apps with one touch. It comes with free lifetime navigation, new and improved browser which is easy to use, on-demand Web TV through a fast 3G or Wi-Fi connection it has it all.

Nokia X7 comes with a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen, 8 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi network positioning, RSS reader, Web browsing with touch control, Symbian Anna as operating system, Internal memory of 8 GB with external memory microSD card upto 32GB and Bluetooth 3.0.

Nokia the most trusted brand in India for Mobile handsets has been leading the market for quite a sometime now because of a simple reason i.e. its ability to change according to need. Nokia has always been coming up with the latest technologies as and when an upgrade appears in techno world.

With this latest touch screen X7 hope we get the same result as all other Nokia products have been delivering.