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Nokia X7 Price and Features, Nokia X7 feature 4 speakers on front panel

Nokia X7 price in India

Nokia X7 price in India Rs. 20,754 for black model. Nokia X7 price in India for white silver model is same Rs. 20,754. The Nokia X7 price are listing prices on online portals. If you wish to buy from retail store, the Nokia X7 price can be little higher. Nokia X7 price in India on official site of Nokia India is Rs. 21,999.

Nokia X7 price and features clearly indicates this phone is targeted for high end usage. The Nokia X7 is said to be the newest member of the Nokia family and was revealed at a surprise when a video of the phone was leaked.

Nokia X7 has got a very good review as of the latest handset which was spotted sometime back while a game of Need For Speed was running on it.  A video regarding the Nokia X7 was also leaked sometime back and was found out to be from the Czech Forum board. Very good software, including nice themes, features and specifications makes the phone absolutely perfec.

Nokia X7 features on hardware and the software are said to very similar to that of the Nokia C7. In design the Nokia X7 is similar to the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 so we get a conclusion that the Nokia X7 has got its traits from the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and the Nokia E7.

Additional Nokia X7 features include camera at the rear which has 8 megapixel image sensors with dual-LED Flash. The hardware of Nokia X7 is said to have a 245MB RAM and 450MB on-board memory. A 3.5mm audio port, micro-USB port and the four speakers are the unique features of the Nokia X7.

A special Nokia X7 features which makes the Nokia X7 unique is the presence of four speakers at four corners of the front panel. The Nokia X7 stands out on the basis of multimedia and entertainment. Apart from the video of the Nokia X7 there were few pictures of the phone which were leaked while the phone was in the gaming mode. The looks of the phone has a polished metal body which includes a 4inch display with a 360 x 640 pixel resolution.

The looks of the Nokia X7 lies in its unique design. An 8 megapixel camera with flash can also be seen in the Nokia X7. It has a 4′ AMOLED screen, which has never been seen in a Nokia before.


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