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Nokia X1-00 and Nokia N9 to be released soon, Feature and Specs

Nokia X1-00, Nokia N9 Price in India

In news it has been heard that Nokia is apparently working ardently on two handsets Nokia N9 and Nokia X1-00. Nothing much has been known about the two handsets and no special information about the specifications are out. The experts are analyzing both the sets and are trying to figure out what new thing Nokia would fish out this time of it’s goodie bag.

Nokia N9-01 is said to be the next in line to the popular Nokia N9 series. The N9 series of Nokia were quite popular among its users and people still go for the N9 if they are buying a Nokia N series phone. Due to the advent of Blackberry although the appeal of Nokia has lessened however still today Nokia N series are the highest in the customers priority.

The Nokia N9 is supposed to have a Qwerty keypad and it might just also have Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo just like the previous handset of Nokia. This phone would be among the high budget phone and is expected to have everything catering to connectivity, camera and the latest applications and features that would attract the attention of a user.

Nokia X1-00 on the other hand is a phone designed by Nokia for the middle class and the lesser income group of people. The handset is in the shape of a candy bar is really cute and the people would love the features as well the shape of the phone.

Nokia X1-00 was spotted in the FCC with a 850 / 1900 MHz GSM connectivity. However the phone  dose not have connectivity and camera and it is available for $50 in UK.


nokia x1-00 and n9 specifications
it's great from nokia that he launched the higher quality and lower values phone ........................................ it's great
Posted by mohit prakash mishra
nokia n9 price and features
nokia n9 price and features deserve respect because this phone is just like the latest creation of the fashion industry and modernized high technology
Posted by Iryna T.