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Nokia Ovi Store trying hard to compete with Apple Store

Nokia Ovi Store has always gained a lot of response since its launch. According to 40 percent of developers on Nokia’s Ovi app store who after its introduction say that the Android laden platform is much better than anything else or rather other available applications.

A 63 % of Nokia developers say that publishing on the Ovi store is much more recommended as it is easy and much better than the other platforms. An 84% think the Apple store is better as they have been comfortable with this platform for a long time. This has happened due to the products existence.

Apple Store has been into the market for quite some time so there is more percentage of people who will prefer this platform to that of Android as it is new to users. A very high proportion of Nokia developers have been posting apps on multiple stores among which 60 percent are active on the Android market and 66 percent on the Apple app store.

A survey was conducted which concentrated on the Ovi Store. Nokia’s apps is most recent in Symbian phones like N8 which has recently made an appearance in the market and promises to be a promising phone for its customer.

Nokia Ovi store till now has a limited number of applications which is counted to be just a fraction to that of Apple store. There are 104 developers who have selected from the top paid and free Nokia app publishers, who have responded correctly to the survey. Survey says that only 50 percent of Nokia developers are satisfied with the store whereas 69 percent said revenues are lower than expected from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Most of the developers blame the store as the applications are hard to find and non existence of promotional tools have disheartened the consumers.

Apart from promotion tools, the main complaint from the developers is that the quality process is slow and it not consistent. Apple developers at first were not always happy initially with Apple’s Store approval. The approval has slowly developed by time.