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Nokia N8 video editor review

Nokia N8 is using its built-in video editor to edit videos just like any other famous editing software. By using this software one can dream to become the next Steven Spielberg.

The Nokia N8 video editor can be found in the application menu where two options pop out which gives the option to create our own video using photos and video clips with an add up some background music. Picking up a song from your own play list and making it a part of our own video u become the director as well as the composer of your mini video.

By creating a simple slide show with Nokia N8 the features like fade in and fade out which is actually used in editing software as transitions can be applied in Nokia’s N8 which gives an amazing look to the video. The best feature is of adding music of your own choice as the background score of the video.

The first option to create will take you to the story boarding option where you see al the picture stored in your phone lined up for choosing. So with the list write in front of your eyes you can add photos, videos, music tracks or even some text if you want to add credit to your mini movie.

The videos which are loaded or recoded into the N8 can be seen in such a way that you can choose to which point you want the video has to be shown in your mini movie. The trimming of the photos or even the videos is done by pressing on the video clip or track and then selecting the trim option. It is just like cropping but only for music and videos. One the editing is over you just click on the save tab on the screen of the N8.

On saving the video after editing it in the Nokia N8 editor the software gathers all the edited files and plays them together. To give a final touch the video automatically gets saved in the videos folder for further viewing and send it to your friends.