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Nokia N8 Smartphone with Symbian^3 OS, 12 MP Camera, truly a iPhone killer

The latest Nokia N8 Smartphone with Symbian ^3 OS from Nokia Inc is all set to become truly iPhone killer. To make it compete head on with iPhone, Nokia delayed its launch by one month in order to power the smartphone with latest and high end features at appropriate price.

Nokia N8 is expected to hit market in Q3 of 2010. The Nokia N8 is expected to be avilable at price 370 pounds, making it smartphone with reasonable pricing.

Coming to one on one comparison of Nokia N8 Vs iPhone features, Nokia N8 powered with mammoth 12 megapixel camera. The feature is enough to differentiate the smartphone from normal handsets in the markets and put it directly in comparison to Apple iPhone. The photography experience with the camera is further enhanced with the full screen 16:9 viewfinder with easy-to-use touchscreen parameters and xenon flash. The users can zoom up still images by 2 times and zoom up video by 3 times.

Nokia N8 is available in 5 colors options i.e. Silver white, Dark grey, Orange, Blue and Green. User can experience the look in different colors at www.nokia.com/n8 by adjusting the handset image in different color options. However the availability of these colors may differ in different countries.

To capture on the growing trend of social networking on mobile, Nokia N8 smartphone has option to access Twitter and Facebook through Ovi by Nokia social client. Also the social networking profiles are visible in phone contacts. Users can upload and view photos and videos while at the same time knowing the location. To make it easy to remember social networking events, the Nokia N8 has phone calender for this.

To facilitate navigation, Nokia N8 handset has integrated GPS, A-GPS receivers. Also it has Wi-Fi positioning and Ovi Maps with free car & pedestrian navigation.

To make Nokia N8 appealing to eco-friendly customers, Nokia has made Nokia N8 has been made Eco friendly. It has power saver mode, high efficiency Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-15 and the device is 80 percent recyclable. Also the Nokia N8 smartphone is packed in 100 percent recyclable material.