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Nokia N8 Review: forgive Symbian^3 glitch you will still love smartphone

Ever since Nokia launched its highly anticipated and much awaited smartphone, the new Nokia N8, tech analysts have been trying and testing the handset. N8 will have to undergo an acid test to prove its mettle that it can roar back into the smartphone business.

The Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia has suffered a slump in its market share owing to the rising popularity Apple iPhone and other handsets such as Samsung’s Galaxy S and HTC’s Desire which are based on Google’s Android OS. N8 is based on Nokia’s latest Symbian offering, the new Symbian^3 but many feel that the OS is still not upto the mark. Take a look how.

The new flagship Nokia N8 smartphone by Nokia world’s most popular Symbian ^3 platform which accounts for almost 47% of the smartphone sales in the world but unfortunately the OS failed to grab many eyeballs and that brings a bad news for the mobile giant. Firstly the OS looks ugly as compared to both Android and Apple smartphones. The UI feels outdated and is nowhere in near competition with its rivals. Symbian ^3 does come with a facelift and has become faster and easier but still looks substandard.

The second major glitch that Nokia N8 suffers from is its third party apps. Today app market is considered as one the most important decisive feature that can either make or break a smartphone and it just seems to be the case with N8 too. Nokia’s Ovi Store has lesser apps than its competitors App Store by Apple, Android Market or even BlackBerry App World. Ovi Store lacks quality apps and though it is benefited from a great developer support, still has a long way to go.

But despite of all those glitches, it is tough to write off a Nokia device completely and even difficult to write off N8. The smartphone is an epitome of Nokia’s trademark build quality. The device comes with an outer shell made mostly out of metal that comes in an array of hues such as green, orange, blue and so on.

The hardware features of N8 include a super strong 12 MP camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lens. Believe it or not the N8 is by far the best camera phone not only by Nokia but by any other mobile manufacturer. The other features that makes N8 special is its HD 720 p video recording at 30fps, AMOLED display, Dolby Home Theatre and HDMI output.