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Nokia C7 now available: The phone with the best Social Networking feature

It is great news that Nokia has begun shipping the smartest phone Nokia C7 which focuses strongly upon social networking, around the world. This is Nokia’s second phone powered by its new Symbian 3 mobile operating system. The Symbian 3 operation system customizes the pone in more than one ways. It has a user friendly touch screen control and the operation of multiple applications does not.

The Nokia C7 phone has a very sleek design made from polished stainless steel and glass. The 3.5 inch high-resolution display provides a good opportunity to feel the sharpness of the videos and images that come to the screen. Finger gestures have been classified and fine tuned into three aspects: pinch to zoom, tap to select and flick to scroll.

The most important feature of this phone however remains the enabling of social networking sites. There is the most interesting feature by which one can get live updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on the phone’s screen. All events of the calendar will also be available with just one click. Posting of comments, updating status messages and uploading photos are also made easier with this version of the smartphone.

Thousands of application can be downloaded from the Ovi Store at any time from a ides lection of games, wallpapers and themes. Moreover the Ovi store constantly updates with a number of options, some of which can be have for free even.

The GPS navigation facility provides with the advantage locating areas and other landmarks on maps. The 8 megapixel camera, the Web TV, built in FM radio and the mini speakers cater to the entertainment factor for the customers. The Nokia C7 is our second smartphone based on the new version of Symbian to hit the market," said Jo Harlow, head of smartphones at Nokia, in a statement. “Designed specifically with the style-conscious consumer in mind, the Nokia C7 also brings excellent social networking abilities, making it perfect for people who want to check-in and stay up to date”.