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Nokia C6 in India, Nokia C6 Price, features high resolution photoshoot

Nokia C6 in India

It's not a economical handet in anyway. Nokia C6 price in India is Rs. 12,499 if you are planning to buy at official site of Nokia. However Nokia C6 price in India is Rs. 13,001 for both white and black models at online stores making it sensible to buy from official sites. Nokia C6 price in India at stores will vary slightly from this based on your city in India.

Nokia C6 Features

Nokia C6 featues are like an expression of the style of the first-rate phones, which include possibility to shoot photos and videos at high resolution rate, secondary camera usage during the video talks and simple stylish view.

Apart from this, Nokia C6 featues also includes easy access to the Internet resources, nice QWERTY keypad, GPS navigation, great camera abilities and tens of diverse installed applications.

Nokia C6 featues include a wide range of possibilities to shoot your own movies as far as the camera has 5 megapixel which offers high-resolution of HD video shots. Moreover, Nokia C6 is equipped with such a mobile feature as secondary camera for making video calls which is called QVGA. Furthermore, if you consider yourself as a lover of music and video data kept on the mobile phone, then such mobile features of Nokia C6 as 200 MB internal memory storage would impress you a lot.

Nokia C6 Featues sheet:

  • QWERTY keyboard;
  • specially dedicated widgets for home screen;
  • turn-by-turn voice instructions;
  • installed maps and A-GPS navigation;
  • 3G network and Wi-Fi;
  • 5 m digital camera with integrated LED flash;
  • high-quality gaming zone;
  • radio support;
  • PC applications on your Nokia C6.

All these mobile Nokia C6 featues and specifications of Nokia C6 are now available for Rs.12999 price in India!

So, Nokia C6 price and features makes it one of the newest and greatest smart phones represented today. Moreover, this phone, designed in black and white colors, has combined simply stunning mobile features and specifications with quite low price in India.

Nokia C6 is specially planned for those who are looking for high quality of camera, fast connection to Internet, loads of applications, working at the same time and in case you buy this miracle, you would never imagine your further life without a virtual assistant like Nokia C6.

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Nokia C6 in India
Nokia C6 in India at Rs 13,000 is reasonable. Just like the Nokia N90, this slider phone fits young business enthusiasts, with internet connection and qwerty keyboard, online transactions will be easy.
Posted by mei
Nokia C6 in India
Nokia C6 in India is priced at Rs 13,000 approx. Nokia C6 a slider phone has Internet access and other integrated apps.
Posted by Isha