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Nokia C6-01 price in India, Nokia C6-01 price: Features contain compactness

Nokia C6-01 price in India

There could not have been any cooler phone represented than Nokia C6-01 as far as its mobile features contain compactness of touch screen smart phone designed to satisfy the needs of any customers.

Referring to the specifications of Nokia C6-01, there’re social networks speed at the fastest rate, great camera for photos and video capture, customizable home screens, and loads of others. Still, the price in India is not yet revealed as far as Nokia C6-01 is just about to appear in the market of our country.

Among the mobile features of Nokia C6-01 you could find the ability to use a full touch glass display, personalize three home screens and choose among them as easy as it could have ever been. What is more about the capabilities of mobile features is that Nokia C6-01 could provide you the ability to simply pinch your fingers to zoom the picture or flick in order to scroll the contacts’ list or the web-site.

Furthermore, Nokia C6-01 offers its owners the gift of integrated social networks as far as it is now very comfortable to access instantly to any social site you need just from the main menu on the screen of the phone.

Nokia C6-01 specification compiles the following details:

  • gorgeous stainless steel design and genuine glass touch display;
  • 3,2” high-resolution screen;
  • HD videos shooting ability;
  • 8 megapixel camera;
  • 3,5 G networking and social sites integration;
  • possibility to watch web TV from your Nokia C6-01;
  • great gaming possibilities.

Unfortunately, there’s still no information about the price in India for this lovely Nokia C6-01. Hopefully, in the nearest time we would be able to provide its price in India.

Thus, Nokia C6-01 with its striking  and elegant at the same time mobile features and specification deserves respect and attention as far as this phone is designed and crafted for both creative, extreme people and for business class individuals as far as Nokia C6-01 applications and features are thoroughly thought by its creators.

Moreover, if the style plays a large role for you, you would be pleasantly surprised by the fact that Nokia C6-01 is represented in different colors: black and silver grey which again show its elegance and stylish appearance.

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