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Nokia C5 Price in India Nokia C5 Price, Features fashionable stylish keypad

Nokia C5 Price in India

The latest Nokia is more for mid segment in India. Nokia C5 Price in India is just Rs. 7,599 only at online store. Nokia C5 Price in India at official site of Nokia is not provided. Both Graphite and White models of Nokia C5 price is same only. Nokia C5 Price in India is slightly cheaper than its similar model Nokia C5-03.

Nokia C5 Features with image

Nokia C5 features are good value for money. Among the Nokia C5 features, you could find instant messaging and access to Internet, high-resolution photos and video capturing, listening to music at the best value.

Referring to other Nokia C5 features, it has the 2,2” full color screen and support for millions of colors, navigation and maps, and possibility to use additional memory storage card.

Other Nokia C5  features includes direct entrée to the popular social networks, updated messaging with high speed and ease. Moreover, Nokia C5 features offer its owners the ability to share your pictures on favorite sites like Flickr or Facebook very easily and at immediately. What is more, you could straightforwardly organize and edit your own photos on Nokia C5. Additionally, if there’s not enough of the installed memory storage, you could input extra storage card for 16 GB.

Nokia C5 Features sheet at a glance:

  • fashionable stylish keypad;
  • 2,2” screen;
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash for capturing photos at the best quality and high resolution;
  • secondary camera on the front of Nokia C5 for video talks;
  • free navigation and maps with real time traffic information, speed limit warnings and re-routing;
  • 16 GB Micro SD memory card;
  • video ringtones;
  • talk time for 12 hours (GSM);
  • more than 50 installed applications.

With all these Nokia C5  features at a price of only Rs. 7599, it is worthy looking at this as option from Nokia C series of phones.

Therefore, Nokia C5 features has extremely wide range at affordable price which deserves admiration and using in the everyday life by anyone as far as the creators have input all their efforts to create a phone that would suit any user of any level and class.

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Nokia C5 Price in India Nokia C5 Price
Nokia C5 Price in India Nokia C5 Price is cheaper than the prices of other stores in Asia. The C5 is simple yet awesome features. Ideal for first time users, since nokia products are user-friendly.
Posted by mei
great offer by nokia...
wow...fashionable stylish keypad with more than 50 installed applications great offer by Nokia...
Posted by Roopa Kalia