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Nokia Asha 303 Price in India and Features for games, entertainment

Nokia Asha 303 Price in India

Nokia has started to focus on mid range and low range smartphones in Indian market. Launched few days back, Nokia Asha 303 price in India at less than Rs. 8,000 is true indication of that. Though initially Nokia struggled to make foray in low price segment, however success of Asha series of smartphones has brought new hope for the company. Nokia Asha 303 price at this level also shows that even selective high end features can be incoroporated along side keeping the overall price at low levels.

Nokia Asha 303 price may get even better with increasing competition. In the past also Nokia has reduced price of its smartphones to keep them competitive with other similar smartphones from other players. One of the favorite expample of this is Nokia C3 mobile which saw almost 40% reduction in price from its launch level. Based on this, even other mobile players will be forced to launch their smartphone at much competitive levels.

Nokia Asha 303 price in India at current level of Rs. 7,679 for people who are interested to buy from online stores is highly affordable for first time users as well as students. Also this price of Nokia Asha 303 really breaks cost barrier for many of the targeted Indian consumers. In recent times, many companies have reduced prices for their electronics products to make them more affordable which has improved their sales significantly.

Nokia Asha 303 Price in India and Features

Nokia Asha 303 price and features is good packages and makes it a truly entertainment phone. The smartphone features 3.2MP primary camera will makes sure that you get best quality images even during night time. Most of the smartphones in this category have only 3MP or less camera. Also it has self timer feature which can be used to take your photo  without need of third person to take. This feature is extremely useful when you are on tour alone.

Overall Nokia Asha 303 is high quality feature rich smartphones. Hence it is highly recommended for people who want to use it for daily usages like making calls, SMS as wll as for entertainment and gaming.