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Nissan 370Z price Rs 30 lac Nissan 370Z 1st SUV to hit Indian road in 2010

Nissan 370Z Price in India

Nissan India will launch Nissan 370Z priced over Rs 30 lac in India by Jan 2010. Nissan 370Z is first SUV to hit Indian roads in New Year 2010. Nissan 370Z i priced around Rs 15 lacs in US. The import duties will almost double the price of Nissan 370Z to Rs 30 lacs.

Nissan India is already imported two of its existing SUV Teana and X-Trai. Nissan 370Z is fully imported cars by Nissan India. Earlier models from Nissan Teana and X-Trai are also completely imported units. Most of the components of Nissan 370Z will be imported from China.

Nissan India is all set to launch its compact car Micra in May 2010. Nissan 370Z is third company after BMW and Audi to launch SUV of sedan type cars in India.

Nissan 370Z will have maximum speed capacity of over 250 kmph. Nissan 370Z is sixth in the series of Z line of SUV cars from Nissan and follows Nissan 350Z.

Nissan India has plans to launch up to 7 models of its cars in India by 2010 and nine models by 2012. The next 4 models to be launched by Nissan India will also be fully imported cars. However it has plans to add 5 models which will be manufactured in at its local Chennai plant in India.

Nissan Motor India Private Limited (NMIPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor, Japan. Nissan Motors has 5.67% shares in car market world wide and has plans to capture 5.5% market share in car market in India by 2015.

Nissan Motors has selected Hover Automotive India to provide sales, after sales, marketing and other related services for Nissan 370Z and other Nissan Motors cars in India.

Nissan Motors has invested around Rs 6,300 crore in Chennai plant. Nissan Motors plan to manufacture 2, 00,000 cars in first year of operations and around 4, 00,000 cars from second year of operations onward. The Chennai plant will manufacture V platform cars of Nissan India. The Nissan cars from Chennai plant will also be exported to other countries. Manufacturing of cars at Chennai plant will start from May 2010.

Nissan India has seven dealers across India to sell Nissan cars. By the end of 2009 fiscal year, Nissan India will increase its dealers to 18. Nissan India will sell its Nissan 370Z cars through its dealers in India.


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Z is nt a SUV
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370Z s nt a SUV
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370 z is not a SUV
My goodness whats wrong with you??? you call Nissan 370 z SUV ha ha ha 370 Z is a 2 sitter sport car of Nissan with 333hp engine top speed over 250km p.h. i hope you studie first before you wright somthing.
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