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New star war game for iPhone, iPod touch in real life mode set for release

Play your dream fantasy of being Luke skywalker in Star wars, by using the reality mode in against a fictional space backdrop. Vertigore plans to release a new Star Wars game Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner game for the iPhone and iPod touch before the end of the year with features that will let you blast TIE fighters flying across real world environments.

The new Star War game uses the camera in iPhone, internal compass and sensors to layer hordes of screaming TIE fighters over your actual real-life surroundings, if someone doesn’t augment the reality mode there is a regular fictitious backdrop mode too. One can use on-screen controls similar to modern iPhone shooters while palying and the camera and accelerometer corresponds to your physical movements.

The video from the due release new Star War game showing the app in action over New York has already become a hit and the view could be even mesmerizing. The new application, due release later this month, has become is one of the first games to use 'augmented reality’, alongwith the virtual additions.

The application puts the virtual information over real-life locations and is expected to be in hue to enhance tourist sites with the even better smart phones, however there is no such information so far about its availability on other platforms.