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New iPhone might be launched at Apple WWDC

The disclosures to be made at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) has been kept as a perfectly guarded secret by Apple, but as the scheduled date of the conference is approaching, the speculations about the revelations that the Apple CEO Steve Jobs might make during the conference, are on a high. Here are some of the speculations from a bird eye view.

To begin with, Apple might be launching a new iPhone, seeing that most of the Apple iPhones are launched in June, this one is pretty certain. Even the barrooms, bloggers and backroom deals indicate towards the launch of a new iPhone. But exactly, how is this phone going to be different, is still undisclosed and a complete hush-hush.

Secondly, AT&T is in plans to scrap the $30 unlimited plan on the Apple iPad and introduce new usage based plans for the same, but the users who have already enrolled themselves in the unlimited plans, can continue using the same for now. This revelation if made may leave many of the iPad users’ heart broken.

Another surprise could be the iChat feature being included in the next generation iPhones which would fit nicely or even complement the expected front facing camera. There are also gossips that Apple can upgrade its set-top box, to incorporate the Apple i-Phone operating system into it probably as a counter to Google’s launch of its Google TV to enter into the TV set-top box market.

Foxconn, the company that fabricates hardware for most of Apple’s devices and for many other technology giants has suffered from a string of worker suicides in China. Though, the number of suicides is not big enough to bother China’s population, it is certainly worth a mention In Steve Jobs address at the WWDC.

And, last but certainly not the least, the Lala music service that Apple overtook and closed last year is being speculated to be re-launched as an iTunes storefront.

How many of these speculations come true will be seen on the day when Steve Jobs addresses  the developers at the WWDC on June 7 but, for now, one should be content with the e-mail that he sent to one of his fans saying -“Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed” !