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New iPhone 4G Multitasking features, How Special Can 2010 iPhone be For You

iPhone 4G with its new iPhone 4.0 operating system is about to hit the market by this summer. Though iPhone topic was sidelined for sometime because of Apple’s iPad, Apple iPhone is back in making hot news. Apple team has announced its new software for upcoming iPhone 4G model.

The iPhone 2010 version key feature is undoubtedly is multitasking. Multitasking is what Apple iPhones lack till this day. With heavy competition growing around in mobile market, finally Apple decided to give its iPhone an all new different look.

iPhone 4G multitasking<

iPhone multitasking can bring you loads of high end features. Most importantly, it will do a world of good to your comfort factor. So with iPhone 4.O operating system, the new iPhone 4G can help you use more than one application at a time. With the old iPhone, you cannot multitask. This is the serious drawback for Apple iPhone till now. However with the inclusion of multitasking you can use your iPhone the way you want! You text, you browse app store and same time you can play your favorite games and many more!

2010 iPhone 4G Features

Apple already announced that iPhone 4G is coming with 100 exclusive new features. So Apple is all set to give a super update to iPhone this summer. Get ready for some exclusive applications you can run on your iPhone 4G. So let’s have a quick look at what softwares iPhone 4.0 OS platform is going to present us.

Folders in new iPhone: Have you ever imagine creating a folder in iPhone?  Now you can create folders in iPhone 4. You can easily organize your applications; you can neatly customize your home screen.

Improved Email in iPhone 4: You can easily customize your email accounts with iPhone 4. You can have all your different email accounts delivering emails to one inbox in your latest iPhone. The improved email feature in iPhone come handy keeping ever growing demand for email on mobiles.

Games in iPhone 4th Generation: Gaming is going to take a huge leap forward in new iPhone 4 operating system. Apple is going bring you social networking games, so you can play games with your friends!

iPhone 4G iBook reader: so you are getting iBook reader directly on your iPhone. Through app stores you can browse through thousands of your favorite books and you can read them directly on your iPhone 4G.

Apart from these, you still have so many features to count on and experiment! You need to wait till this summer to get this updated iPhone though! Mean time, keep watching for updates of iPhone 4G, new iPhone specs and more features.


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