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New iPhone 4G Leaked Pictures, What Could be the Real Story Behind

iPhone 4G, the much talked iPhone 4th generation mobile which is constantly in news for more than couple of weeks. We have been discussed about iPhone 4G features, iPhone 4G specs and everything related to iPhone 4G. We have read enough scoop and speculations about iPhone 4G, so iPhone 4G is now not a new thing for many.

Once again iPhone 4G is freshly making big news as alleged Apple iPhone 4G pictures appeared on internet. So as per the available reports, the iPhone 4G mobile, or may be an iPhone 4G replica was found at somewhere near the Apple’s HQ in San Jose!

iPhone 4G pictures might have their own story! How in a world could be a yet-to-launch model appear on a bar floor? Yes, even if it did, this is still not convincing. Apple, for that reason any brand will take enough care to prevent appearing their ‘would be’ models to public.

There might be a case here, may be Apple deliberately leaked the pictures to the public? Well, you don’t find a reason to think on this. But there exists a reason. Yeah, Apple would have deliberately leaked the pictures to counter HTC Android mobiles which are about to debut this month!

iPhone 4G got its own competition coming up from the latest Verizon Droid mobile phone which is going to be released this summer. Going into the features of Verizon Droid, it’s a feature pack. The 8 MP camera, Android 2.1 OS and many attractive features of it can influence iPhone 4G business this July. HTC might sweep the sales this summer under its new brand name Verizon Droid for Verizon wireless. The 8MP camera is going to be the stand alone feature which can attract thousands of customers.

New iPhone 4G’s Camera is nowhere near to HTC Droid. Also the features of Verizon HTC Droid are unique and people might love to have their hands on it.  By the outset, it is clearly visible that HTC Droid outclassed iPhone 4G in many sections.

Take camera for example, when can you expect an 8MP camera for iPhone? May be 5G? Still looks like not possible. This might be a case where Apple might have afraid of the top features of HTC Android, and would have leaked the pictures intentionally!

Apple so far is successful in their deliberate attempt to sideline Verizon Droid! You find lot of news scoop about iPhone 4G leaked pictures in internet than the release details of Verizon Droid!