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New iPhone 4G First Look Video, This is How iPhone Multitasking Look Like

iPhone 4G is all set to hit the market this summer. Already there have been so many speculations about its features and iPhone brand name. iPhone surely is a huge pack of features and even surprises. Apple took iPhone upgrade seriously and looks like they put everything in it to make it a big hit.

One of the top features we are talking about this 2010 iPhone model is multitasking. iPhone multitasking, this word is pretty well known among common people but many of them still didn’t know properly about multitasking.

iPhone multitasking is nothing but switching between apps and other iPhone activities. Say, you are texting your friend, now you can keep the texting going and the same time you can browse internet with safari browser or go to mail and check inbox. So with iPhone multitasking you never really stuck with a single application.

In iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs, you can use only one application which is running in the foreground. So if you have to use another iPhone application, you have to close this app. But with the new iPhone 4.0 operating system, you can multitask and switch between applications without many hassles.

Latest iPhone 4G can make your mobile life so comfortable. You no longer will feel cramped while using new iPhone 2010 model. Let’s take one more real time example to understand how multitasking can be so helpful in managing iPhone applications. Skype on iPhone 2G or 3G versions is a good application to call friends.

But if you have to get the Skype calls in iPhone 3G, you have to run the application all the while without closing. Practically this is not possible. But with new iPhone OS4, you can run Skype on background without closing it. Meanwhile you can run other applications or can do texting without closing Skype.

iPhone 2010 version is also coming with some exclusive features along with the multitasking. iPhone 4G said to have an amazing gaming platform which allows you to play multi player games with buddies. iBook reader,  Spell check, 5X digital zoom and 100 more excellent features are the added attractions for iPhone 4G.

As per the trade talks, this is not just a mere update but a complete change in the iPhone software platform. Great days ahead for all iPhone lovers as so many developers already started making exclusive apps and games. So get ready for cool iPhone applications, great gaming and more in upcoming iPhone 2010 version!

Following video shows what iPhone multitasking is all about,