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New iPhone 4G 2010 Model to be Officially Named as iPhone HD

iPhone 4G is now the hot discussion on many mobile forums. Just when the iPad mania looks to settle down, iPhone now catch up the attention once again. Steve Jobs as well all know recently announced a new operating system for iPhone 4G which is OS 4.0.

There is already lot of scoop about iPhone 4G speculating about its features and specs. Freshly speculations flew once again high on iPhone 2010 model about its name. We are calling it iPhone 4G from couple of days, but now the actual name of the latest iPhone model just might be iPhone HD.

iPhone 4G, the term 4G here stands for 4th generation. There is a good chance of getting confused it with 4G data network. iPhone 4G might pass a fairly confusing statement of having a 4G network facility. So as per reports, Apple decided to use a different name for iPhone 4G. Many reports already popped out saying the new name of latest iPhone would be iPhone HD. It might come out with a HD screen just like the iPad. So Apple might look to cash on the ‘HD’ concept which got good popularity these days.

iPhone 2010 model as per speculations, is coming with a vibrant 960 X 640 HD screen. Apple is reportedly taking measures in this zone to keep up with the competitors like Motorola Droid and HTC HD2. Apple is planning to include A4 processor in iPhone which is specially designed for iPad.

Apple is putting all efforts to make iPhone a big hit with some cool software upgradation and additional features. Multi tasking is a key feature in upcoming Apple iPhone version, so Apple needs a better chip to cope with the latest trends. Also the reason behind inclusion of A4 chip is that Apple reportedly decided not to waste time and money on the product development.

iPhone 4G most likely to come out in the market as iPhone HD. The name iPhone HD also sounds compelling than iPhone 4G. So Apple got every positive reason to use ‘iPhone HD’ as official name for 2010 iPhone model. Apple iPhone is going to hit the markets by the end of this summer.

Already they released the developer’s preview of iPhone OS 4.0 operating system. So it looks like Apple is coming with a great Apple iPhone update this summer. So far, all the available features and specs are sounding so good and exciting!


New iPhone 4G 2010 Model as iPhone HD
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New iPhone 4G 201
Apple introduces generation 4 of iPhone which has no competition in market.
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New iPhone 4G 2010 Model to be Officially Named as iPhone HD
New iPhone 4G 2010 Model to be Officially Named as iPhone HD sound like a col name for next iPhone
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