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New iPhone 4G, Finally Apple Forced to Confirm iPhone 4G Leaked Photos

iPhone 4G leaked pictures were all over the internet from the last few days. Though everyone projected them as original iPhone 4G prototype pictures, Apple team or its CEO never talked a single line regarding this. Finally the latest developments in this iPhone 4G leaked photos saga shows us Apple confirming that leaked iPhone 4G photos as real!

Whether it is direct or indirect, as per Gizmodo, Apple has passed a statement to the public about the reality of the leaked iPhone 4G pics. Going by Gizmodo editor’s words, Apple has sent him a request to return the iPhone 4G to Apple.

iPhone 4G was found in a bar near Apple HQ in San Jose. This became hot news and everyone managed to have a look at iPhone 4G prototype. Still there is no authentic source which can prove that those iPhone 4G pictures are real. However many people believed that those pictures indeed are Apple 4G’s.

This story started when Gizmodo editor posted pictures of iPhone 4G in his blog. Soon the iPhone 4G leaked photos episode gone on like a wildfire in the internet. It went so far that Apple couldn’t hide away from this issue.

iPhone 4G said to be found on bar stool in a bar near Redwood city. Apple software engineer reportedly forgot his iPhone 4G and left the place. Some unknown guy in the bar found the iPhone 4G on bar stool and asked the surrounding people if they lost it. None of them claimed the new iPhone 4G and this guy took iPhone 4G to his home. He never knew it was iPhone 4G as it was cased in an iPhone 3Gs case. On removing the case, he found out this iPhone to be different and reportedly he kept this iPhone 4G for sale!

iPhone 4G actual owner’s name is Gray Powell. So this iPhone 4G came directly from Apple’s office, so no denying of the fact that this could be a fake thing. The final twist of this episode took place when the Apple team reportedly asked Gizmodo editor to the return the iPhone 4G. As per Gizmodo, the editor of the blog received phone calls from Apple asking him to return the piece. In reply, Gizmodo editor asked Apple’s team to send a casual letter to him requesting the leaked iPhone 4G piece!

So with this, Apple directly or indirectly confirmed that leaked iPhone 4G isn’t a fake. If it is fake, Apple wouldn’t have bothered to contact Gizmodo Editor Brian Lam for the iPhone 4G.


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Find this "Gray Powell" and make him eat crow! LOL.
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