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New HCL ME 40 notebook as the first Eco friendly notebook in India

Nowadays every IT Hardware industry is trying to be one step ahead of others, and the same is done by HCL Info systems, as they have launched their HCL ME 40 Notebook in India. It is said that this Notebook happens to be Ecological Friendly as it has been projected and fabricated entirely with the materials without any harmful chemicals like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and can even recycled in healthiest possible way.

The HCL ME 40 series is featured with 2.2 GHZIntel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor and has got a screen with stats of 15.4-inch WXGA TFT LCD which gives 1280x800 natural resolution on it. Its DDR2RAM has the capacity of up to 4GB and supports Windows 7 Professional operating system.

These HCL ME series laptops are embedded with HCL in-built ‘One Touch support’ and ‘One Touch Recovery’ features which helps the users in such a way that they can make fast recovery of their data within no time and get a better support. ‘SPLIT ME’ feature allow users to transfer/share a big amount of data from their ME laptops. It has got some other tremendous characteristics which includes Bluetooth and a 1.3 MP webcam.

HCL ME 40 Notebook has one more fantastic feature called “Secure ME” which can be used to lock any of the installed applications like internet browser, MS Office, etc, on the PC and forbids its unauthorized use. “Lock ME” is the utility used to lock/unlock the following ports USB Ports – Storage devices HDD logical drives / ODD. If anybody wants to save his data from theft or misuse, he has an option to encrypt all his data with “Encrypt ME” and sustain the privacy.

The HCL ME 40 laptop has one best feature by the help of which we can break large files to smaller size files. We can send these small size files via mail and the utility ensures the safe delivery of data without the risk of any leakage or misuse while transmission.

HCL ME 40 Notebook notebook has been made available in the Indian market now at a price tag of Rs.41, 000 (approx) which can enhance many questions in customer’s minds as its price is very high than its specs but actual result we can get only once it can be tested.


HCL launches India’s first eco-friendly notebook, HCL ME 40.
HCL Infosystems Limited, well-known brand in India for it business PCs and Notebooks today launches India’s first PVC free, eco-friendly notebook, ME 40, ME stands for Mobile Excitement. This new notebook has been designed and developed by the HCL with completely free from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material and other harmful chemicals.
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