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New Bajaj Boxer Price, Bajaj Boxer 125CC launch 2011, mileage, Bajaj Boxer

New Bajaj Boxer 125CC price in India

Bajaj Auto re-launched the modified version of Bajaj Boxer in India at a price range of Rs 44, 699 approx. The introduction of the new version has rekindled the hopes of bike enthusiasts. The bike has 125 cc engine as compared to the 100 cc engine of the old Boxer.

Bajaj Boxer now comes with improvised torque and horsepower. The New Bajaj Boxer bike with four speed gears is expected to be a fuel efficient bike. New Bajaj Boxer mileage of 70 kmpl on the cramped city roads and around 85 kmpl on highways. This modified and upgraded model of Bajaj Boxer would give tough competition to other bikes in 125 cc division. The bike is available in various color variants such as red, blue and black.

Bajaj Boxer 2011 would generate a maximum power of 10 PS at 7500 rpm and also expected to accelerate from zero to 80 kms in just 15 seconds. The height, weight, length and width of Bajaj Boxer is kept in perfect alignment to offer utmost riding comfort. The New Bajaj Boxer bike boasts of various top-of-the-line features such as ABS, EBD and front and back suspension systems. The ground clearance and wheelbase of the bike is 170 and 1275mm respectively.

Along with technical modifications in New Bajaj Boxer 2011, Bajaj has also concentrated on stylizing the looks of the vehicle. The rectangular speedometer, mud guards, high fuel tank and alloy wheels gives the sports bike look to the vehicle. Additionally, attractive graphics and aggressive design will appeal to all age groups.

Along with the stylizing New Bajaj Boxer, the company has also concentrated on the safety features. Latest seat provisions, tyre fittings and suspension and brake systems makes the bike a much safer option as compared to it predecessor.

The front suspension of the Bajaj Boxer 2011 is telescopic and the back one is with dual SNS adaptation. The back of the bike boasts of a nitrox gas suspensions. The fuel tank of Bajaj Boxer is expected to be of the capacity of 12 litres.


bajaj boxer 125cc price in India
bajaj boxer 125cc price in India is going to give a tough comptetion to its old version and other bikes.its is a fuel efficient bike with a price of Rs 44,000 only
Posted by jasleen
bajaj boxer 125cc price in India
With better torque and horsepower, The Bajaj Boxer 125cc price in India is decent for a 4 speed bike. With a power of 10 PS at 7500 RPM, this bike accelerates quickly.
Posted by Cara
Bajaj boxer 125cc price in India
Bajaj Boxer has come with improvised torque and horsepower which has 125 cc engine and 4 speed gears. It is fuel efficient and stylish bike with various colors. Bajaj boxer 125cc price in India is reasonable for people with its special qualities.
Posted by Fahmida
New Bajaj Boxer Price
the new re-launched, much improved Bajaj Boxer 125 CC sports a 4 speed gears, it is fuel efficient and stylish. i was amazed by the focus on safety and the varity of colours it comes in. it s definitely worth its price!!!
Posted by Nikol