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New Apple Macbook Pro: Feature, Price and Specifications on Snow Leopard

Apple Macbook Pro price in India

Apple is now making its series of launches this month. Starting from the launch of the iPad to the iPhone OS, Apple has now refreshed its Macbook Pro line. The refreshment has been done with faster processors as well as a series of up graded hardware.

It is also expected that the Interwebs would also be an added feature of the Apple Macbook. The fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of this device and it is seen that this device has already managed to create an impact among gadget lovers.

In fact, Apple has decided to refresh its entire line of Macbook Pro including the models 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch. The Macbook Pro now gets a graphics processor which would be of NVIDIA GeForce 320M. Apple says that it would run the graphics that would be 80% faster compared to that of the current model. This for sure would be a positive point and is sure to have an impact on the fans as well.

The 15 inch and the 17 inch Apple Macbook Pro on the other hand, have been refreshed to the processors Intel Core i5 and i7 along with the proprietary graphic switching technology of the Apple. All the updates of the Mac Pro would be available with Snow Leopord operating System as well as the inertial scrolling for the trackpad. These are sure to make this gadget much more favoured among people who would use this.

With the help of the scrolling system on Apple Macbook Pro, it would be easy for the users to scroll down the large photo libraries as well as lengthy documents and long web sites. Apple says that the new up gradation would make the device more efficient in the level of performance.

Apple said that the prices of the up dated version of the new Macbook Pro would remain consistent. The 17 inch Macbook Pro is the most expensive model and it is available in 2300$. On the other hand, the cheapest model is the 13 inch 2.4 GHz and it gets a price tag of around 1199$. For sure this would be much exciting feature which is sure to impress customers.

The shipping of the new updated version would start within 24 hours claims Apple.