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Nero Liquid TV TiVo PC priced at USD 39.99 a best buy deal

Nero Liquid TV TiVo PC Price in India

If you wait, you can get the best deal. Believe it or not, this statement is true for every deal, be it a pen or a personal computer. The same thing, which costs 100 dollars at the time of the launch, will cost a half or more after a few months later. The Nero LiquidTV TiVo PC, which is currently on sale for just $39.99 shipped, were sold at $69.99 just two months ago, which is originally sold for $199.99 at the launch.

TiVo PC is a perfect combination of hardware and software, which can turn your computer into a TiVo. However, the retail package of Nero LiquidTV TiVo PC includes the Windows-based TiVo software, a TiVo remote, a USB IR receiver, a one-year subscription to the TiVo service, and a high-end USB tuner.

Nero LiquidTV TiVo PC software: The Nero LiquidTV TiVo PC is actually a software. The software needs no introduction, as it is nearly identical to what you may find on a TiVo set-top box, which is complete with Season Pass as well as KidZone features, but without the extras such as music and photos.

Nero LiquidTV TiVo PC Features: This software has a number of great features. The tuner is a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950Q, a top-rated model which can be purchased separately, would cost around $99. So no matter, if you toss out the software, you will be getting a good deal on the tuner. It can actually pull down over-the-air digital signals, for which a small antenna is included.

Besides that, QAM channels, or analog channels are also attached with it. Its remote is exactly the same, which comes with the TiVo HD. In a word, LiquidTV has all the desired features, which you used to dream of in your PC. And what is more striking is that this wonderful gadget is less expensive than the set top box.