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NETRA for Testing Eye on mobiles by Indians at MIT with team

With new eye testing tool developed for usage on mobile tools, problem of visiting doctors regularly soon will be an history. Thanks to NETRA (Near-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment) developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Interestingly NETRA, the eye testing tool on mobile does not require expertise, any mobile users can use, also cost only $ 1-2 which will be reduced further in future. Interestingly, the complete test can be completed in 2 minutes.

Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar and postdoctoral research associate Ankit Mohan, both of Indian origin along with their team at MIT’s Media Lab have developed the NETRA tool for mobiles.

The eye testing process with NETRA is quite simple. User will need to see in the lens of NETRA. He will see 2 lines, one red color and other green color. Than user need to adjust and bring both the lines aligned into one. For people without any eye problem, both the lines will be seen merged. The process is repeated 8 times from different angles. The software loaded in the mobile will than provide required information.

Currently, 2 eye testing process are followed i.e. using phoropter and aberrometer. In processing using phoropter, patient is asked to read characters with various combination. In the process many lens associated with phoropter analyses the performance of eye. In the process using aberrometer (expensive method), a laser beam is set targeted inside eye and with the help of tiny lenses, eye analysis is done.

The team will be start commercial use of the technology under company "PerfectSight" which will be a for profit company. The team aims to target Asia and Africa in the beginning. The NETRA tool is claimed to be both faster and accurate over traditional methods. Ramesh Kaskar, one of the team member said, "By using high-resolution LCD displays with this system, it is potentially not only much faster than today’s standard methods, but also “potentially more accurate.


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