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Motorola charm launch delayed till Aug 25th due to battery problem

Motorola is now competing equally with the other brands of mobile phones in the market. In its attempt to become successful, it has released a new set of smartphone into the market and given the name Motorola Charm to it. Initially the company had announced that the new device would be launched into the market by 15th of next month. However, due to some major issues involved with battery power, the release of the device has been postponed to 25th of August.

This android phone is said to be available with excellent features. You would get a QWERTY keypad in the device which would definitely benefit you a lot. The 2.8 touch screen’s display resolution is of 320 x 240 QVGA. For a better experience in social networking, Motorola has provided the MotoBlur technology.

You would get good quality and brighter images now in this device with 3 megapixel camera with the Kodak perfect touch technology. Along with this, you can also expect to get CrystalTalk Plus feature in this phone. This would provide you with a second microphone so that the quality of the sound is absolutely perfect. At the same time, it will also have the ability to filter out the background noises.

The internal memory capacity of the phone is 512Mb. With the help pf a microSD card, this memory can be expanded up to about 32GB. The CPU capacity is of 600 Mhz while there are other features like the GPS, the Wi-Fi and it runs on the Android 2.1.

The cost of this new device from Motorola is expected to be around $270 in the US. However, there are no reports regarding the possible launch of this device in India. It was reported earlier that the “Charm” would run on the T-Mobile network.

The launch was delayed probably because the battery does not stay for long periods of time than it was expected which led to a less backup. Motorola considers that it is always better to resolve all the problematic issues before the launch of the product in order to avoid customer complaints. It does not want the case of iPhone 4 to get repeated.

So you would just have to wait 1 month more for the launch and then you can get ready to use the best android phone from Motorola.


Motorola charm launch delayed till Aug 25th due to battery problem
Motorola charm would soon be launched
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