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Motorola Milestone price in India, latest GSM variant of Motorola Droid

Motorola Milestone price in India

Motorola is all set to launch its latest GSM variant of Motorola Droid, called the Motorola Milestone in India on March 22nd 2010. But the device will be available without free Google navigation and some other services. In India the other specifications and the price of the device are rumored to be almost similar to its US version.

The new Motorola Milestone mobile is however available in Germany and UK for pre booking. Since the price of the Milestone has not yet been disclosed by Motorola but there are anticipations that it will be around the price in Germany in Euros. Motorola Milestone may be at price Rs. 34000 in India.

Motorola Milestone is company’s strategy to enter the developing countries like India with a phone based on Android 2.0 OS and will be first Smartphone by Motorola running Android 2.1 OS. But since 2.0 has become obsolete, Motorola has deployed 2.1 version on most of Android compatible devices.

However in India it seems the Motorola Milestone mobile will have Android 2.0 version as Motorola, which has already entered the testing phase, will make available its latest 2.1 version only for its Droid users. Good news for Indian customers is that Motorola Milestone is the first device that is shipped directly with Android 2.0, so the customers are not required to make an update from older versions.

Among other features and specifications of Motorola Milestone phone are its 3.7 inch WVGA touchscreen display, full QWERTY keypad and 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus. It also supports 4 x digital zoom, night shot and image stabilization. Its 24fps video recording HTML browser, Bluetooth, 3G GPRS, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, Wi-Fi and 1 GB onboard memory makes it one of the most sought after Smartphone.

Motorola Milestone is well built and the company seems to have not compromised with its design and has imparted a sleek and stylish look to the device. Plastic buttons have been replaced by metallic buttons that impart a rich look to the phone. But the quest remains; will Indian market have many takers for such an expensive device?


Motorola Milestone mobile is latest GSM variant of Motorola Droid in I
Motorola Milestone mobile is latest GSM set in India to be loved by all
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