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Motorola Milestone XT800 price India Motorola Milestone features 5MP camera

Motorola Milestone XT800 Price in India

Motorola launches the first ever Dual SIM Android mobile phone in India, named Motorola XT800 or famously known as Motorola Glam. Indian markets saw the first glimpse of Motorola XT800 android smartphone on Monday.

Motorola XT800 features 5 MP camera, multimedia functions, GPS with Google maps and Wi-Fi/WAP11. Motorola Glam is priced in India at Rs.31999.

Motorola XT800 is a dual SIM Android mobile supporting GSM and CDMA networks. It has sophisticated looking classy design which holds the eyes of every person. It has a capacitive touch screen of size 3.7 inch and supports Android 2.1 OS. It provides data transfer through Bluetooth and USB port.

Motorola Glam has user friendly and competing features which are specially engraved to fulfill the needs of today world’s professionals, who have long working schedules. It has excellent multimedia features for their entertainment like MP3 player, video player etc.

With Motorola Glam these professionals can easily and quickly access net using Wi-Fi/WAP11 and stay connected with family and friends every time everywhere. They can also view and edit their work documents using applications which support working on MS word, excel, powerpoint, PD and Zip files. Thus Motorola Glam is a problem solver and a best choice for professionals.

Motorola XT800 is equipped with a 5 MP camera with digital zoom and dual LED flash. The user can easily take photos without caring much about the focus as its camera has autofocus function. All special moments spent with the loved ones can be easily recorded in the form of picture or video. The videos and pictures taken by the user can be later seen not only on the mobile but also on an HD TV.

Motorola Glam has HDMI out port through which the user can attach the mobile with the TV and can easily view large size images.

Motorola XT800 has in built feature of GPS satellite navigation along with Google maps. This feature will never let the user get lost in unknown destinations. Whenever the user is lost or confused about his/her position then he/she should use this and within fraction of seconds the exact and accurate location will be known. And with Motorola Glam one can easily know the directions to unknown destinations.

After a long list of innovative and superb features price of Rs.31,999 is worth paying for a techno gadget, Motorola Glam.

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Motorola Milestone XT800 price India Motorola Milestone features 5MP c
Motorola Milestone XT800 price India Motorola Milestone features 5MP camera wowww amazing features. And motorola phones are sturdy, i bet this one will last a lifetime too..
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Motorola Milestone XT800
Motorola Milestone XT800 price in India is decent, the review shows good features, good news!!
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Motorola Milestone XT800 in India at affordable price and good feature
Motorola Milestone XT800 in India appeals to its consumers and attracts several eyeballs towards its glam looks and amazing features. the review will certainly help to know more about its enhanced features.
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