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Motorola Glam price in India, Motorola Glam price and features Dual SIM

Motorola Glam Price in India

Since everyone is getting ready for the World Mobile Congress showcasing their own new inventions and technology Motorola is also not to be left behind. Motorola is introducing for the first time a cell with dual SIM but which runs on Android operating System. The phone would have the two most sought after qualities i.e. Dual Sims and Android operating System.

Motorola Glam has interesting specifications like 3.7-inch touchscreen FWVGA display screen with a screen resolution of 480x854 mega pixel. To give good news to the users this phone would also have default Google Android 2.2 Froyo update and it would come with the phone itself. This phone is basically for users who need to connect to the family, business and also needs to update their social life a lot.

The features of the Motorola Glam XT 800 include a 5 mega pixel camera with a memory which can be extended to 32 GB and other fascinating connectivity like Bluetooth and Wi Fi. The phone is a dream comes true for people who wanted a mobile with more than one SIM but with an android connection.

The gadget has been designed specially for providing entertainment when users are moving from one place to another. Speaking on the occasion Motorola Mobility India Country Head Faisal Siddiqui said, “We have specially designed the Milestone XT800 to provide infotainment-on-the-go for consumers who want a device that matches the demands of a hectic lifestyle like that of a senior professional.”

The Motorola Glam is sure to make a mark on the users as they would be pleased to have a phone which would feature both dual Sims and Android Operating System.


Motorola Glam
Motorola glam is a dual SIM android mobile which is made especially for professional working class.
Posted by Shruti
Motorola Glam with Dual SIM and Android operating System
Good to see technology catching every day, excited to see dual SIM Android now !!
Posted by Appy
pixel details
I am sure it is not 480x854 mega pixel. it could be pixels. 480x854 mega pixels are in giga pixels
Posted by Amritansu