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Motorola Droid better than the first iPhone in the U.S.

The headquarters in Mountain Views started worrying ,two and a half months after its debut, in fact, the first Google-branded Android smartphone has not had the desired feedback in terms of sales. The Motorola Droid, U.S. manufacturer of smartphone running Google Android, has been a better start in the United States than that the first generation iPhone, according to an analysis conducted by the firm Flurry Analytics.

 The study shows some amazing facts that, Droid has sold 1.05 million pieces during the first 74 days of its release in autumn 2009, against 1 million of pieces of the first iPhone on the same period in 2007. It would be the "Google Phone" the best selling to date but as the firm calculated that  in 74 days would be only 135,000 of the Nexus One purchased on the market.

Compared with the barrels of the first Apple iPhone (in 2007) and the recent Motorola Droid, which at the same time the total topped one million units sold,The difference is almost embarrassing to talk about flop seems to be some out of place.

Google, for now, have not arrived but comments about the comparison with the competition stride although the Nexus One can rightly make some justification, as the exclusive online sales and only a few countries in the world (in Europe will debut with Vodafone in the United Kingdom in April). Compared to the expectations that had greeted the debut in grand style at the beginning of January, at the CES in Las Vegas, the blow to the giant California is still evident. At least in appearance.

First, because good news for Google in mobile field there, considering that Android, the operating platform married now all the big mobile phone (Apple, Nokia and Rim, of course excluded), seems to be doing very good recruits, so that doubling the its market share last quarter of 2009.

The other priorities are: the growth of Android

Secondly there are those who shows that the societal interest in Mountain View is not so much to sell millions of phones but how to "imposing" its ecosystem - the operating system marketplace of applications, Web services - an alternative to that of competitors, Apple's head.

Sell the rest his machine making a war on its customers and partners in the Open Handset Alliance (the various Motorola, HTC and so on) is not particularly introductory mass adoption of Android, and here to explain the low flying Google - despite the media can can in the days of the launch of Nexus One - pushing the sales of terminals to their brand.

The altered weather an authoritative research firms like Goldman Sachs, which has reduced from 3.5 million to a million pieces of sales estimates for the googlefonino for 2010, leaving the rest to think that the priorities of the giant search engine are other and not to have a roaring market share in mobile phones. Which? Primarily to shift the balance of the smartphone market by stealing vital growth areas which are called competitors like Microsoft, perhaps taking advantage of the troubled launch of Windows Mobile 7.