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Motorola Droid X New Version launch on July 15th to compete with iPhone 4

Eight months after the launch of the original Droid, Motorola is coming up with a new version, Motorola Droid X. This device which is packed with features would make its arrival on 15th of this month.

The presentation of the Motorola Droid X is simply outstanding. Navigation would give a completely new experience to the user because it has a fast 1-GHz Texas Instruments processor as well as a RAM of 512 MB. The measurement of this handset is 5 x 2.6 x .04 inches. It is available with the 854 x 480 LCD, 4.3 inch touchscreen which gives an overall impression of the fact that this device was crafted out carefully with thorough and touch driven experience.

As soon as the Motorola Droid X is switched on it would give a feeling of not being processed but the user would feel that it is actively responding to the commands. The 8 mega pixel camera is just awesome to handle so many different types of pictures.

The size of Motorola Droid X handset is however, large because it is designed actually for heavy experience in multimedia. It is not unlike the size of any other smart phone which is designed to be sleek and slim. Though large but Motorola Droid X features are awesome and implemented well.

In fact except for considering the size, this device can said to be the finest devices in Android that is available any where. Thus it is not only a great addition in the market of smart phone but at the same time it is also considered to be a great addition for contributing a great value in the market.

According to the experts, though Motorola might not be able to produce similar marketing power like Apple yet in the range of smart phones with the help of Motorola Droid X, it would definitely be able to create better products. They also claim that if Motorola takes care to remove the short comings of the iPhone 4 from Apple which has already been exposed, it would definitely be able to get a lot from the market.

Since the Motorola Droid X and iPhone 4 are expected to be almost similar, people who were interested to go for iPhone might now turn their aim towards Droid provide the fact that they can handle the huge size.

The Motorola Droid X would provide lots of facilities to the user. Right from watching movies to playing games to listening to music, every thing would be possible here. Only a few clicks on the menu would convert the phone into 3G hot spot at least for up to around five devices.


Motorola Droid X New Version launch on July 15th to compete with iPhon
Motorola Droid X New Version is a dream come true
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