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Motorola Droid Pro to compete with RIM Blackberry smartphone

Motorola’s new Droid Pro is in the market and ready to take on Research In Motions (RIM) Blackberry smartphone. Motorola announced Google Android loaded smartphone at a press conference on Tuesday at CTIA Enterprise & Applications tradeshow.

Motorola Droid has a display of 3.1 inch touch screen and a QWERTY keypad which is the very first android phone for the business class the company has managed to add few other features to compete with Blackberry as Research In Motions BlackBerry still rules the market in having the maximum corporate customers.

Motorola Droid Pro’s most important features is that it has added IT managers to actually manage the phones. It professionals are also allowed to secure the devices and protects its data from getting stolen or getting leaked out of the company. IT departments were initially disheartened as there was lack in the security sections of their phone they got confused by the managing ability and the security system of the phone. Droid on the other hand aims to remove this problem in its system. Droid has the ability to wipe off the contents of the device if it has been stolen or lost.

The remote device situated in the phone will wipe off all the contents and making an entirely new Android platform. The exclusive feature of Droid Pro is the ability to remotely wipe off even the memory card. The Droid Pro will encrypt all data on the phone, so that even if it is stolen or lost or even if someone hacks the security password of the device the contents will not be visible to that person. This device encryption features is the most required in IT organizations.

Another important feature of Motorola Droid Pro is that it has a support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology. This additional feature allows corporate users to get their work and emails pushed to their phones. RIM's also has a push-email technology which is the best application among the corporate users. With ActiveSync, the Motorola Droid Pro users can get the same type of email service as others using BlackBerry. Motorola plans to add device encryption in the first quarter of 2011.


Motorola Droid Pro to compete with RIM Blackberry smartphone
Motorola Droid Pro to compete with RIM Blackberry smartphone.....now that would be a virtual battle...
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