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Motorola Droid Pro price in India, Motorola Droid Pro price and features

Motorola Droid Pro price in India

It is Motorola’s take on RIM’s BlackBerry. Motorola launches the latest and its first enterprise oriented smartphone, the Droid Pro as a BlackBerry killer. BlackBerries are loved by entrepreneurs simply for their safety features and it seems that Motorola has hit the bull’s eye this time by offering a smartphone that appeals to corporate customers for its security features and offers other attractive features too such as touchscreen, thereby making the Droid Pro an ultimate weapon in its fight against the BlackBerry.

With Droid Pro in its arsenal Motorola aims to target the enterprise mobile market which is a near monopoly of BlackBerry till date. The Android-powered device is Motorola’s first expressly designed smartphone for business customers that the mobile maker released this week at the CTIA Enterprise conference in San Francisco. According to Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha the Droid Pro is setting a new standard for enterprise by bringing together customer friendly features such as 3.1 touchscreen with corporate productivity and security needs of business customers.

Droid Pro is powered by Android 2.2 version, also called the ‘Froyo’ and runs on 1GHz processor. The handset has 4GB of memory and offers mobile applications such as social networking. One of the prime features that Motorola bills in Droid Pro is its security feature and for that it has integrated the handset with company’s virtual private network (VPN) with remote-wipe capabilities and complex password support. Motorola also plans to offer encryption for the device and SD card, the way RIM does for its BlackBerries.

The other features of Motorola Droid Pro include a 3.1 inch multitouch display, a four row QWERTY keypad, a full HTML browser with Adobe Flash player 10.1 and 3G capabilities. The handset has Wi-Fi connectivity and can act as a 3G Mobile Hotspot for up to 5 other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The handset offers data coverage in over 200 countries and come pre loaded with Microsoft’s Bing Search and Bing Maps. Additionally the device comes with Google services such as Google Talks and Gmail.

Motorola Droid Pro offers the advantages of a smartphone together with the enterprise features including corporate e-mail and business level security to woo enterprise clientele. The price of Droid Pro is yet to be announced by Motorola and the same will be revealed around the launch dates of the device. Verizon Wireless is the official and exclusive carrier of the new Droid Pro.


Motorola launches Droid Pro, a true BlackBerry killer?
Motorola launches Droid Pro, a true BlackBerry killer? we have to wait and watch
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