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Mobile Ringtones: How to set Ringtones in Nokia, How to use Mobile Ringtone

Mobile Ringtones- A Nuisance: Mobile ringtone can be a disturbing element. In today’s world when technology is creating wonders, mobile phone is the most cherished product of technology. Mobile phone has become life line of people’s life.

They carry their mobile phones everywhere and cannot imagine a single day without it. But mobile phones have its disadvantages along with advantages. One of its disadvantages is due to its very small but necessary feature ringtone.

Mobile Ringtones are just to alert a person by making sound whenever there is an incoming call. But these ringtones can be nuisance at times. Though, nowadays mobile users are crazy for different ringtones like Mp3, polyphonic and real ringtones. These ringtones are available for download on websites and these websites are earning lot of money through this business. Youngsters set cool ringtones to show off in front of everybody.

Mobile ringtones can be noisy in public places like hospitals, temples, railways, buses, board meetings, theatres and restaurants. In the hospital, when patients are resting mobile ringtone rings loudly causing disturbance to the patients. At holy places when people are trying to meditate and pray suddenly the ringtone rings, breaking the silence and concentration of devotees.

And supposedly you are in a bus or train with everybody silently seated and suddenly the screaming ringtone is heard making most of them jump in fear. Loud volume of mobile ringtones will definitely disrupt a board meeting.

Excessive use of mobile ringtones is causing a ringtone anxiety among few mobile users. Under this condition a mobile user falsely believes that he/she is hearing his/her mobile ringtone. As humans are sensitive to auditory tones between 1000 and 6000 Hz and ringtone frequency falls between this range.

A mobile user should have basic mobile etiquettes which include lowering the ringtone volume in public places or putting it on vibrator mode. Just select silent mode from your mobile phone settings at public places so that you do not disturb people around you. Another option is to lower the volume of your mobile ringtone to avoid annoying people around you with your latest hip hop or jazz music ringtone.

So next time you are out in a public place keep these things in mind while using your mobile phone.


Mobile Ringtones: How to set Ringtones in Nokia, How to use Mobile Rin
people who really suck at technology should read this How to set Ringtones in Nokia, How to use Mobile Ringtone
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Mobile Ringtones
Mobile ringtones are at times disturbing especially when mobile rings at places where silence is essential.So better keep in mind the basic mobile etiquettes.
Posted by Shruti
Mobile ringtones are very noisy as it create lot of disturbance in public places, specially in hospitals when the patients need totally rest.it should not be ban but should be use in proper way.
Posted by isha gulati
mobile ringtone
download ringtone
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