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Microsoft plans to launch Pink mobile by month end for young generation

In order to give a boost to its mobile business which has suffered in the recent years, Microsoft is in a plan to introduce a new line of cell phones for the mobile users. This would be a new addition in the already crowded mobile marketplace and the new phone is sure to have some innovative features which would demarcate it from the rest. If you are a trusted Microsoft follower then read on as we tell you more about this Microsoft Pink mobile.

Microsoft would be developing a new project under the code name “Pink”. The new project would be on the mobile devices which would be available in the US at perhaps the end of this month. The software, online services and the hardware of the Pink mobile phones have been designed by Microsoft while the devices are being manufactured by Sharp Corp. of Japan. So what would be special about this project- in this article we tell you all about it!

Targeting the young customers of mobile phones Microsoft Corp plans to introduce a new line of cell phones. These phones would have the social networking capacities which have become quite popular and a matter of craze in today’s young generation. In fact most of the popular models like Blackberry or top Nokia models have this social networking facility and this has further encouraged Microsoft to go for models which have this characteristic.

The Microsoft Pink mobile which would be available would operate through the partnership with Verizon Wireless. This is the carrier owned by the popular Verizon Communications Inc and Vodafone Group PLC. In order to bring the Pink phones to the consumers, Microsoft has decided to work closely with the wireless carriers as it feels in this way it would be easily available to its customers.

However no comments on this Microsoft Pink mobile issue have been given by the spokeswoman for Microsoft and Verizon Wireless. Though on Monday, the media was invited by the company yet the company did not disclose the purpose of the event. Reports say that the main purpose of the event was the introduction of the phones; however though the company announced the project yet it did not divulge much details about the phone.