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Microsoft offers iPhone developers money for developing for Windows Phone 7

Well if you have been thinking about the Apple iPhone 4 and the other Apple releases that have enthralled the market in the past few weeks. Then this probably is the time to turn around and take a look at what the Microsoft team is doing for their much hyped mobile platform the Windows Phone 7.

The focus of the market at this moment is nowhere near to the Microsoft mobile development works. Probably, taking advantage of this Microsoft Mobile Platform development team has introduced a new mobile software platform having the brand name Windows Embedded Handheld. Though Microsoft had announced that it was going to launch a new Motile Software Platform but the release date was not specified.

For those who are still wondering what Mobile software platform is then - A mobile software platform is an environment in which the mobile software or apps can be run and developed.  Microsoft’s this move can be considered as an attempt to attract more and more developers for its upcoming OS Windows Phone 7 (probably the ones who have already developed for Apple).

Another hint of the same was given over the internet today= Microsoft was contacting the successful developers for Apple and paying them substantial amount of money to port their software to Microsoft. However, when asked, Microsoft refused to comment directly on the claims.

Instead, it offered a round-about statement saying the company provides what it called "limited" financial support – "most commonly in the form of an advance on revenue" among numerous other resources. If true then this seems to be desperation times for Microsoft, and it is seemingly wooing developers from developing software for companies that are hurting Microsoft’s market share.

Though in my opinion it should take more than cash to impress the developers to code for the still evolving  Windows Phone 7 - the platform does not even exist as of now and it is nearly impossible to back port a device developed for an existing version to an older version of the same OS.  Even further, Microsoft's own goals for Windows Phone 7 cannot be taken seriously as the new OS is due by the end of this year and the company believes it can ship 30 million devices by the end of 2011. A very difficult and dangerous bet isn’t it!!