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Microsoft launches Windows Live Messenger App for iPhone

An Internet messaging app for the iPhone- so, what’s new? If this is the view point that you hold about an IM app for an iPhone then take a look again this IM app is not like any other app this is the Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft for  the Apple iPhone.

Though Microsoft has released this app almost secretively but the features that Windows Live Messenger app is supposed to provide is of no match ( of course it has been manufactured by Microsoft ). The app is designed to play nice with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 3.0 or later.

The primary layout of the Windows Live Messenger app is basic and provides staying live on the Windows network and chat. However there are some other additional features that have also been incorporated. The app provides four buttons on its home screen and these are probably the functionalities that the app will support.

The four buttons on the Windows Live Messenger app include Social Updates, Buddy List, Chats and Photos. In the center of the app there is your buddy list, which lets you add friends and allows you to go for chatting and emailing with them. There is one screen that is dedicated to the windows live this lets you update your status, change your profile picture and follow friends in your network.

The chat screen allows users to start chat and also switch between them. The support for push notifications has also been provided that notifies the user of new internet messages even when the app is closed. If your friend has connected his account to the social networking sites then you will also be able to see the information that he updates on those sites.

The “Photos” mode just displays albums you have on Windows Live SkyDrive and lets you upload more from your iPhone. With last screen, users have option of uploading new photos; can take new ones; and can also view their windows Live Gallery with it. Moreover, the screen also lets users to tag photographs, and can simultaneously send them along via email.

The IM client- Windows Live Messenger is, of course, available for download free of charge, just as the desktop variant. You can download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone from iTunes starting today.