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Microsoft delays Tablet PC, Apple set to launch new Gadget soon in Jan 2010

Microsoft has delayed the launch of its tablet PC. The company CEO Steve Ballmer announced in a recent program that the world is yet to see something smaller. This tablet-sized computer is a much hyped category of electronics and it is believed to be sized between the mobile phones and the laptops.

The gadget comes with a touch sensitive screen and its price is yet to be announced.  Apple is scheduled to launch this wonder later this January.

As per the latest report the tablet-sized computer would run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system 7. Though Ballmer did not announce it yet he referred to it by the name-“slate PCs”. Reports suggest that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will reveal the details of Microsoft’s tablet PC at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. At the same time Microsoft competitor Apple is likely to announce the “iSlate” tablet PC. The event is scheduled to be held later this January.

Gadget lovers are eagerly waiting for Microsoft and Apple to launch tablet PCs in the near future. Apple “iSlate” is expected to be a rage similar to iPhone and it is believed that Apple aims to sell 10 million tablet PCs every year.

The “iSlate” will be a grand launch after iPhone and it is likely to be consumer friendly gadget. However despite attractive features the Microsoft tablet will be a better business tool that the “iSlate”. This will be because Microsoft holds a dominant position in the operating systems and Web browsers. Microsoft is thus is in a position to deliver an integrated experience already in use on a day to day basis.