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Microsoft brings out Windows 7 Series as an iPhone Killer

Microsoft Inc. has made one of the most significant proclamations ever that had made the next generation Mobile OS public with the unscrambling of Windows Phone Series 7. Some hours ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain Microsoft displayed the iPhone Killer for the first time what people were eagerly waiting for.

One of the most exciting aspects is the way Microsoft seems to be trying to get rid of the notion of "apps," as that has become the iphone’s calling card and are widely simulated by every other smart phone OS out there.

Including games and videos, Windows Phone Series 7 will has a dedicated hardware button for a search engine called Bing, as well as a unified Office apps and an in-built feature that automatically synchronizes photos from the device to PCs and Web photo storage sites.

With Windows Phone Series 7, animated tiles such as Facebook accounts can be linked to third-party information. Also displaying photographs or textual information can also be recollected within the tile which is a bit like a web gadget only with a different name. Tiles can also be short-cuts to web pages or other applications.

Windows Phone 7 Series has a landmark towards phones that veritably reflects the speed of people’s lives and their need to connect to other people and all kinds of smooth experiences.

Windows Phone 7 Series creates a matchless set of integrated experiences on a phone through Windows Phone hubs. These hubs bring together a related subject from the Web, applications and services into a single view to alter common tasks. It also includes theme specific six hubs reflecting activities.

People: This hub presents an operating social experience by bringing together applicable content based on the person, which includes his or her live feeds from social networks and photos.

Pictures: This hub helps this software easy to share pictures and videos to a social network in just one simple step.

Games: This hub delivers the first and only official Xbox LIVE experience on a phone and Xbox LIVE unlocks a world of friends, games and entertainment on Xbox 360 with more than 23 million active members around the world and now also on Windows Phone 7 Series.

Music + Video: This hub also produces an astonishing media experience that brings the best of Zune, including content from a user’s PC, online music services and it has an in-built FM radio into one simple place that is all about music and video.

Marketplace:  This hub provides the user to discover and load the phone with manifested applications and games very easily.

Office: This hub bestows the fellow experience of the world’s leading productivity software to the Windows Phone. With the help of Office, people can easily read, edit and share documents if OneNote and SharePoint Workspace are all at one place.