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Micromax A73 price in India and Android based features list

Micromax A73 price in India

The Android operating system based Micromax A73 price in India is Rs. 7490 and it will take you by surprise with all that it has to offer. It is not only another cheap and affordable handset; It is a remarkably cheap and proficiently powerful mobile device with capabilities that will inspire you and grip your attention. Micromax A73 price is cheaper by Rs. 5,00 over Micromax A78 price in India.

Micromax A73 price and specifications makes it good proposition. Micromax A73  specs range from a very stylish and high-tech looking exterior to a dynamic performance and excellence efficiency.

Micromax A73 smartphone is powered by a processor of 650 MHz and the operating system on which it runs is the Gingerbread v2.3 Google Android. Thus, the whole world of endless applications of the Android platform is opened to you through your mobile device.

Micromax A73 specifications offer you an internal memory of 512 MB which is sufficient, though should you opt for a larger storage capacity you can go for the extended external memory of up to 32GB by using a microSD card.

Micromax A73 price is also lower than Micromax A78 price which is slightly better camera. Micromax A73 features sport  a display of 3.5 inches with 262K colours and 320x480 pixels resolution, capacitive TFT. The display will entice you with its output and typing on the touchpad keyboard is fast and it is done easily and effortlessly.

Smartphone A73 is light weight and wide enough to fit comfortably in the user’s palm. Micromax A73; also has a dual camera with which you can enjoy good quality photo and video capturing and video calling too.

Micromax A73 price in India is affordable. The smartphone is specifically designed for those who wish to purchase a good mobile device without having to spend a fortune; Loaded with efficient and useable features it comes at a logical price and it delivers high-quality efficiency and the ability to switch between different SIM cards as it is a dual SIM card phone. It is beautiful, practical and economical too.