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Micromax 3G mobile: Micromax Modu 3g phone, features and specifications.

Micromax Modu 3G Price in India

Micromax Modu is in the first of the phones in the series of Modu phone with 3g connectivity and superb features. The Micromax Modu price in India is around 10,000 Indian rupees and is a really nice phone with all the required specifications.

Micromax mobile phone Features and Specifications include 5 MP Camera Phone with 2592 x 1944 Pixels of display and the screen is quite wide and good for net surfing. Apart from that the Phone has good connectivity with GPRS and WAP. There is also FM, MP3, AMR, MIDI, WAV. The operating system for the phone is Qualcomm’s BREW which is quite big these days in the area of the phone.

Micromax Modu mobile is becoming quite popular with the customers and the popularity is increasing a lot.

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Micromax 3G mobile: , features and specification
With its superb features, there’s no wondering how Micromax Modu 3G phone is gaining popularity now. This is a phone that is hard to resist; having everything you need and could wish for your phone to have; plus it looks good too.
Posted by Christine Bautista
I want one!
With its great and got-all-i-need features; from a good quality camera display to connectivity and wide-range choice of media player... Micromax Modu will be on top of wishlist for everyone.
Posted by Christine Bautista
Micromax 3G mobile: Micromax Modu 3g phone, features and specification
this phone is going to be all time favorite for the masses
Posted by jyoti
micromax mobile with 3G Features
micromax mobile with 3G Features would be a great purchase as far as it has connected in itself the features of the phone, mp3 player, notebook, ebook, navigator and personal assistant. A very nice thing to own
Posted by Iryna T.
This phone, I suppose, is about to become a real state-of-art creation, especially if to take into account all of the stated unique features and its incredible light weight which let this phone appeare in Guiness book of records.
Posted by Iryna T.