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MicroSim adapter for iPhone 4 users to use mobile service on another phone

If you are using an iPhone and have dared to open the back side of your phone to check out the sim cars the first thing that  you must have noticed is the size of the Sim card of the device the phone consists of an extraordinarily small sim card called the micro Sim card developed by Apple.

Now after shipping it to your house if you are in a fix to find that the sim card of the your iPhone can not be used on other versions of the iPhone like the iPhone 3Gs and other then you do not need to worry anymore because Apple has found a way around this problem- MicroSim Adapter.

Apple has introduced a unique MIcroSim adapter that allows the use of one SIM card for all devices. It is compatible with all generation SIM cards and can be used in Micro-SIM, 3ff and Mini-UICC. Users can now use the same SIM on the iPad and the iPhone and all the other phones as well. The device which is sold at the MicroSim shop retails for €5.99 (~$7.5) and is sold through Austria.

The adaptor was put through tests by the Unofficial Apple Weblog and it did work pretty well. So if you have been itching to get back to your older phone, but cannot do so because of the MicroSim, go ahead and order the adaptor to put an end to the antenna reception issues, till it is fixed by Apple.

The reason that Apple Apple gave for using an ill compliant MicroSim card is that it wanted to make this one as the thinnest smartphone of the planet and hence wanted to accommodate so much more in just the same size. However, critics are not ready to accept the explanation given by Apple and they say that Apple wants to lock users through the adaptor. They say that while it is good to have Apple iPhone 3 GS SIM for iPad in order to have mobile data connectivity, but it will happen only through some serious SIM adaptation.

Well, we leave the conclusion in the hands of the readers to decide whether Apple has given them what they were looking for or is the iPhone 4 is a bag full of missing goodies.


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