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Mi-Fone launches 3 mobile in India with blackberry design and features

Mi-Fone has roll-out Mi-Q plus, Mi-Q1 and Mi-Q5 in India. Mi-Fone has launched these mobile devices to target low cost mobile device market segment in India. Mi-Fone is based on the blackberry design and features, however, it has been customized for Indian customers only.

Mi-Fone company claims that these mobile devices are competitive potential, really affordable and relatively stylish to Blackberry. Starting from the start, each Mi-Fone mobile device has Internet web based application support for e-mailing and chatting. Mi-Fone new mobile devices can also support download and upload of any file format.

Meanwhile coming over to the specifications of these mobile handsets, the most affordable among the three launched handsets is Mi-Q+. Mi-Q+ has full QWERTY keypad integrated for easy typing and editing of data and enhances user-friendly usability.

Beside this, Mi-Q+ has advance GPRS technology for connectivity to exchange data fast pace, including this, it has WAP 2.0 web technology to increase Internet browsing capabilities. In additional features Mi-Q+ have FM radio, torchlight, calculator etc. Mi-Q+ has been priced at Rs. 2500, making it most affordable mobile. If your budget is pretty low, and you are looking for something out of the box mobile device based on brand like Blackberry then Mi-Q+ has been made for you.

Mi-Q1 is next in the range of launched mobile devices of Mi-Fone, and again the price for this mobile has been kept as low as Rs. 3,399. All features of Mi-Q+ are available in Mi-Q1. In additional features, Mi-Q1 have MP3 and Video playback technology with the external memory available at 1 GB which can be expanded with Micro SD card as memory slot has been provided. Mi-Q1 is integrated with 0.1 mega pixel camera with satisfying quality.

Mi-Q5 is costlier at Rs. 3,999 to other mobile devices launched in range of Mi-Fone. All the basic features has been continued in Mi-Q5 of above mentioned mobile devices of Mi-Fone. But, more additional exciting features has been incorporated in this handset. Java application support has been provided for Java games, themes and applications, moreover, you can watch television on this handset with analogue socket support.

Mi-Fone company has presented its mobile devices with tall promises, however, at the end of the day customers and users has to decide, if these handsets have potential to attract and satisfy them.