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Mercedes Benz to bring A Class Premium Compact Car in India

Mercedes Benz, the luxury car manufacturer is planning to give India its A Class car in a couple of years. The company aims to enter the small car segment of Indian car scene with this A Class model in the coming years. But according to auto analysts and experts this car will be priced in the range of Rs. 16-20 lac in India, though nothing has been confirmed by Mercedes Benz so far.

There has been a long debate about launching a small car in India by Mercedes Benz for over a decade now. But the company was in doubts whether such a high priced car would find any takers here in India, so they kept on delaying the launch idea.

It is interesting to note that even BMW has withdrawn the introduction of its Mini from launching in India because of same qualms. But now Mercedes feels that the competition is heating up in the small car segment in India and it is the right time to explore this opportunity.

This time Mercedes seems sure and positive of its plan to launch its small car in India. Peter Trettin, President and CEO of would position Daimler, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, said, “The company would position the A Class as its entry- level car in the country. This will be lower priced in line with competition.”

He also added that India is a growth market and demand for such car is also growing and there will be a definite ground for such a car. Bringing high end small cars was always risky but now Mercedes CEO feels that the time is just right to launch A Class in India.

Mercedes A Class has earned the reputation of being a wonderful car in many countries. It boasts of lovely interior and huge range of engines. The car offers great quality with solid material used and proven engines and drivetrains that makes it a truly premium little car.

This entry level A Class is very likely to woo its Indians fan with its new good looks, environment friendly features, beautiful and spacious interiors reinforced with high quality upholstery fabric and door trim. The A Class Premium compact car will also introduce variants and concepts.

The Mercedes A Class has sold over 680,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2004.